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Shenzhen Sinoband Electric Co., Ltd.

Company Details:

Year Established : 2007
Export p.c : 50% - 60%

Who are we?



SINOBAND speaker business units, belong to the big SINOBAND group family.


Shenzhen Sinoband Electric Co., Ltd, by the brand name of SINOBAND, has been doing our best to be China's NO.1 Professional High End Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Audio Supplier and Manufacturer. The products are mostly designed and produced in a highly first class manner, delivering better and more premium sound for all our customers and parnters all over the world.


Shenzhen Xdobo Electronics Co., Ltd, by the brand name of XDOBO, aims to meet the demands of the growing need for the local and global market speaker audiences, mostly for the mass population, whoever want to pay the least money possible, while still hoping to get the best sound and enjoy the latest technology.



What we do?



SINOBAND makes good bluetooth speakers and other bluetooth and wireless audio products.


SINOBAND helps our customers, both at home and abroad, build their brands, extend their businesses, and grow rapidly in the fast ever-changing competitive world.


SINOBAND specialises in designing and developing and innovating new audio products using the latest wifi or bluetooth technology, with our endless efforts and through our gloablal networks, we always lead the market trend and bring the best and down to earth products and projects to all our customers and partners.



Why us?



China's NO.1 Professional High End Wireless Audio Supplier and Manufacturer.


Brands you see, either under the name of SINOBAND, or any other names, may directly or indirectly work with SINOBAND.


Now buy SINOBAND, later buy SINOBAND, sooner or later, you will and have to buy SINOBAND, take action earlier than your competitors, or you will end up losing customers and business opportunities.


We donate every 1% of the total sales generated by the SINOBAND group.